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I am a draftsman and I am starting to work a lot with Stonehenge from the roll, attempting larger drawings. I have a few questions.

(1) Is there a preferred side of the paper, i.e. is the inner facing side (on the roll) the expected side for drawing? Both sides seem the same but I thought I'd ask...

(2) For flattening Stonehenge from the roll, is the reverse or back-rolling method the best solution? I am attempting this now.

(3) Sheets of Stonehenge purchased online are usually dented or creased, due I think to poor handling by the shippers. And of course I've created a few myself from studio accidents. Is there any way to remove these without changing the surface grain (which I assume any water-based method would do)?

Thanks for any insights! - Matthew Durante
January 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterMatthew Durante